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 We are open Thursday & Friday from 9 to 3, and   Saturday & Sunday from 8 to 3:30.. until next summer- then every day of the week for July & August!

To make a reservation-435-884-3874


Seabase is an in-land location for Utah diving and snorkeling. This geothermally heated, salt water, high altitude mini ocean with colorful tropical marine fish is the only one of its kind for SCUBA, snorkeling, and dive training. Whether you are feeding the beautiful French angel fish or the enthusiastic pork fish, you'll never believe you are in the middle of Utah. 

According to our research, Nurse sharks only live about 20 years.  We had our friendly nurse sharks for 24 years and they were not tiny when we got them-so we estimate about 25 years old. They had a long and eventful life, but we will certainly miss them.  We suspect that the smaller fish in Seabase will not miss them! Look for the 3 big dogface puffers-but DO NOT touch them, please.

   The cost is only $20 to come to Seabase for snorkeling or SCUBA, for the day.  Rentals are available, if you don't have your own gear- click on the "rentals" button on top of this page for all rental prices....or it is just $5 for just hanging around, watching the fish get fed, letting the mollies tickle your toes, and seeing the "water people" having fun.!

  Normal Seabase Hours:

We make appointments that are good for the whole day-so try to come early.

  We are open all year, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for the rest of the year except December 24th & 25th.  Be sure to let us know when you are going to be coming!   Always by appointment, please so we will have enough staff to take care of everyone!


Thursday and Friday, 9 AM to 3 PM   

Saturdays & Sundays, 8 AM to 3:30 PM: If you are here after hours, it is a minimum of an ADDITIONAL $20/hour (or part of an hour)  for you and your buddy (s) , and it is pretty dark in the water by 3:30, because the mountains are just west of us!!  

 Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we are closed (except for July and August).  For groups, we can sometimes make arrangements-call to see if we can work around your schedule.

We feed the fish at opening time, so come early and see the feeding-it is fun! (Let us know you are coming out).  Observing the feeding is included in the $20 day pass, if you are here at opening time, ( and it is only $5.00 per person-if you don't want to get in the water). Please try to only use "reef safe" sunblock in the water, for the safety of the sealife. It is usually available at Neptune Divers in Salt Lake City. For total prices if you need rentals, click on F.A.Q. at the top of the page. We can also sell you sea food to take in the water (just $5) to do your own feeding.

All minors (under 18 years of age) MUST either bring their parents or a waiver signed (by parents).  Waivers are available at Neptune Divers in SLC, or at Seabase or we can email you a copy to print and bring out.


To get to Seabase from Salt Lake City, go west on I-80, until exit 84, get off freeway, and turn left on frontage road, then left again (going away from the Great Salt Lake) on SR 138 (Do not cross any railroad tracks-if you do, you went too far) for 5 miles, then left again, into our driveway. 

We have been annexed into Grantsville City-and were given a different street address. (it was 9390 West)

now , to find us, it is :

 Bonneville Seabase                                                                    1600 NORTH SR 138                                                                           Grantsville Utah 84029-1179

      For snail mail, use P O Box 1179.

Google maps and other maps sites are often wrong, as are most GPS units-they will send you to our post office in Grantsville, or someplace even stranger.  If you still want to use your GPS, please use :

N: 40 degrees 38.784'

W: 112 degrees 31.475 '

 .   Watch for cattle on the road, as they get out of their designated spaces frequently, and they are not very smart..   


See some of our underwater life at Seabase on YouTube videos  !

the youtube video from China: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfn04URoBso

or just look in youtube for Bonneville Seabase-a couple of guys from Idaho did a very nice video with their GoPro camera...

                                                           photo of sunrise by Lynn Findlay

                                                                             angelfish, by Linda

to contact us:  info@seabase.net    or call  


Seabase Conditions as of 10.20.2016

White Rocks Bay
Habitat Bay
The Abyss



79 ºF



 For diving and snorkeling, cool air, wnd, and rain chill the surface of the water, and it is cooling already.   The cover  on White Rocks Bay is back on. Plan to use a 7 ml wetsuit these days.  The temperature swings have been bigger this year than ever before and the visibility is staying at least 11 feet, but  floating algae can get kicked up.  We are experimenting with a protein skimmer in White Rocks bay, and we fixed the lights in the Abyss, which still has quite good  vis, better near the bottom unless it gets kicked up.   The fish are easier to locate this time of the year, as they hang out in the warm vents, near the bottom. There are masses of pork fish, and lots of littler fish above them in a column, everywhere warm water enters the bays.  Look for tiny baby monos, with their bright yellow dorsal fins, swimming near the surface.  The grouper that likes to lurk under the feeding platform in Habitat bay and some of the red snappers are getting very large-  The fish make it fun to be here, but --be aware that the silt can get kicked up with a lot of divers, so do try to come early, and keep an eye out near the the edges for little hard to see bamboo sharks.  In the Abyss, the vis is usually a lot better, but there is not as much to see.  Seabase is a good snorkeling place, more so in warmer weather, when the fish  get to the surface to eat lettuce from your fingers (if you are not moving around enough to scare them) and if the sun is shining.. The moorish idols, banner fish and baby Koran angels are very showy down on the bottom of White Rocks Bay.  Keep an eye out for the flying gurnards that scoot across the bottom, and the butterfly fish, the dwarf angels.  Keep in touch so we can let you know when the water conditions change! (you can call 435-884-3874).


Snorkel and Dive in Utah

all year, with tropical marine fish!

  The sun reaches the mountain tops to the west rather early in the afternoon, even at this time of year, and by 3 in the afternoon, the water is shaded enough to make it harder to see-- so come in the morning for the most fun. 

 Opening time, when we feed the fish is a good time to start! - 8AM on weekends, and 9AM on Thursday and Friday and Holidays..

There are alot of new baby porkfish and little butterfly fish outside by the teaching platforms.  There are several kinds of friendly angel fish, monos, large mullet, snappers, huge groupers, lookdown jacks and banner fish, moorish idols, little damsels, butterfly fish, and you should see a bamboo shark in Habitat Bay and/or White Rocks Bay..


         In the Abyss, if you are quiet and persistant, you might find a few silver jennies and a bigeye soldier fish, definitely some mollies, and snails and tunicates.

   While you can see some of the fish from the surface, you can see a lot more if you are in the water and swimming slowly.  

     Habitat Bay has the "ship" wreck and the platforms. There are a lot of butterfly fish and porkfish around the structures..    The groupers and snappers can usually be found in the middle or North side of White Rocks Bay, or in Habitat Bay on the teaching platform, near the ship wreck, with a lot of brightly colored young pork fish and some monos and butterfly fish giving them a wide berth. 

    Abyss is usually a lot warmer than the other bays -(but without many fish, so not so much fun!)  because the Abyss is deep and not very wide.

    May '08


Photos by :

Lynn Findlay & Linda Nelson



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Hours of Operations

Thursday and Friday - 9A-3P.
Saturday and Sunday - 8 A-3:30 P
Special Reservations Available for other day . 

  Call or e-mail for possibility of appointment.

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Photography by

Linda Nelson, Lynn Findlay and

Manta Vision

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